Thursday, April 9, 2009

Task 5-Concordance

Hye everyone,
This is the 5th posting for the assignment in this course. For this posting I need to find to articles about concordance and its application in language learning. What benefit concordance will give to language learners?
Firstly, we must understand what concordance is. According from the information that I got in during the lecture, concordance is a list of words in a piece of text or a collection of texts (usually referred to as a corpus). It is also an alphabetical index of the principle words in a book or the works of an author with their immediate context.
The concordance is used for:
▫ comparing different usages of the same word
▫ analyzing keywords
▫ analyzing word frequencies
▫ creating indexes and word lists
From my reading on the article, a concordance is a simple program which allows searching of large text file for words or phrase. It helps determine the appropriate circumstances of use for a word, phrase or construction.

Concordance is being used in many courses for example in language teaching and learning, data mining, literary and linguistic scholarship, and etc.

The concordance gives lots of benefits especially for language learner and teacher. It enables learners to access a piece of text non-sequentially or to study the ways in which it uses language. Concordances are not only used for literary purposes, but also as cross-reference systems for computer programmers, which enable teams of programmers working together to keep track of all references to, for example, a variable name, across all the files which make up a project.


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